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Friday, October 22, 2010


Even though camp was at the start of the year I was kind of in the need to talk about it. We started the camp off at Sovereign Hill which is a place set up to look exactly like the 1850's; the classrooms, the shops, the people and the general surroundings.

before we went into the classroom Sir had to check our nails and palms to make sure everything is clean, and then finally we could go tot the classroom.

We always had to walk in parallel lines

We got assigned to our desks smallest-tallest

We got a rich school photo and a poor school photo

I hope your day is full of polka dots
little Miss Pink

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hi everybody, thankyou all so so much for joining my blog. I always look down at my folowers part and I was very excited one week when I has 12 folowers. I have a few blogs I want to recomend because I love to look at them when I come home from school> this is my mums blog> this is my grandma's blog> this is my mums and my favourite blog to look at!!