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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hi friends
I am just making a quick message saying can everyone please be my friend. I always look down at my friends list and I only have 4 friends so pretty please with a cherry on top be my friend.

Monday, June 28, 2010

What to read

Don't you just love reading a book in the holidays, but sometimes it is hard to find the right one
Anne Of Green Gables one of my all time favourite books. This little girl comes to stay with a family but the family wasn't expecting a girl they were wanting a boy even though it was a bit uneven at the start everything turns out just right
I had to read Dragon Keeper for school when I got the book i didn't want to read it but now i regret it. It is about a girl who works as a slave for Master Lan. When he sends the girl over to get something from the store, EVERYTHING changes.
These are just a couple of books but they are very very good

Summer, Winter......

When it is summer time you feel so relaxed and calm
you can go to the pool, drink lemonade and have fun
BUT when i woke up this morning and guess what temperature it was.........3
In winter you feel like a nice warm hot chocolate and a hot bowl of your mums soup

Summer-warm, fun,relaxed,pools
winter-cold,hot chocolates,soup,home
everything sound okay to me/ put in a comment saying which season you like and why.

Perfect photos......

3 2 1 smile....
Don't you just love taking a family photo to capture the moment.

But sometimes people just don't listen when you say smile they either blink, laugh or look the other way.
I have a few tips for you so that you can get the perfect family photo in just a few minutes
1. If you want a still family photo, get the family to look at the same object e.g. photo,vase or a person who is taking the photo
2. If you want a action photo wait till everybody is in the place you want and you quickly take the photo, this will make the photos always fun to look at.
3. If you just want to take a random photo, well what are you waiting for go for it..

I hope you have liked my quick photo taking lesson and I hope some day you might use my tips to take a perfect photo.

I just played Wii and all my joints are killing me, I am not used to be playing Wii everyday but since i am on holidays I kind of feel the urge to. I've been playing Wii sports and Wii fit. Wii sport is all about playing tennis, bowling, baseball ext.... it is fun but it make you so stiff the next day. Wii fit is where they test all your skills into games and they also do yoga and stretches. Even though my joints are really sore and stiff now I know that they will be worse in the morning.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hi friends
If you are bored and trying to find a good blog to look at, well i have some suggestions
1. Running Thread-this is my mums blog that she desires
2. The House That Ben Built-it is also my mums blog but it was when our house was getting renovated
3. White Dove-this is my grandmas blog
4.Retromummy-This blog is one of my mum's all time favourite blogs.
I hope one day you visit these blogs and you never know they might become your favourite blogs

Friday, June 25, 2010

School Holidays

Don't you just love the first day of the holidays. NO more school for two weeks, now if you are wondering why i only get two weeks and you might get three, well that is because I have three weeks in September and you only have two weeks. My family and I are all going to the snow for a week at Mt Hotham. I have been going to the snow ever since i was about four years old. My Dad and I are going to do a 25 km ski to Dinner Plain and back so i better get a good sleep that night because i will be exhausted.
This picture is of Mt Hotham village. If you look really closely all the way over to the chairlift you will be able to see the Summit. The Summit is where the Ski school teachers sometimes take you to ski.