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Monday, June 28, 2010

Perfect photos......

3 2 1 smile....
Don't you just love taking a family photo to capture the moment.

But sometimes people just don't listen when you say smile they either blink, laugh or look the other way.
I have a few tips for you so that you can get the perfect family photo in just a few minutes
1. If you want a still family photo, get the family to look at the same object e.g. photo,vase or a person who is taking the photo
2. If you want a action photo wait till everybody is in the place you want and you quickly take the photo, this will make the photos always fun to look at.
3. If you just want to take a random photo, well what are you waiting for go for it..

I hope you have liked my quick photo taking lesson and I hope some day you might use my tips to take a perfect photo.


  1. Some great tips Little Miss Pink! And I love love love your pictures. Who took them, I wonder??

  2. well let me guess........YOU because they are such good pictures they are taken by you because you are sooooooooooo good at taking pictres

  3. I love your photos too. I try very hard to take good pictures, but many times I cut people's heads off ! Not a good look !