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Monday, June 28, 2010

What to read

Don't you just love reading a book in the holidays, but sometimes it is hard to find the right one
Anne Of Green Gables one of my all time favourite books. This little girl comes to stay with a family but the family wasn't expecting a girl they were wanting a boy even though it was a bit uneven at the start everything turns out just right
I had to read Dragon Keeper for school when I got the book i didn't want to read it but now i regret it. It is about a girl who works as a slave for Master Lan. When he sends the girl over to get something from the store, EVERYTHING changes.
These are just a couple of books but they are very very good


  1. What a lovely post pleased you are reading L.M.Montgomery books. I read them too, and my all time favourite at the time was one called Jane of Lantern Hill. I don't remember too much about it now that I have grown so much older, so if you ever get the chance to read it, please do, then you can tell me what it was all about ! Hope you can find it tucked away in a library somewhere....or even at an OP SHOP ! xxx Nana

  2. PS...I love your fish ! How can I feed them ?

  3. Thanks Nana for commenting. You click in the box and there you are

  4. Well clever is that! The fish kept darting across to the tiny bits of food....I'm sure they got very dizzy, but at least you'll know they have full tummys ! xx