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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trinity Buddies

Hi everyone,
A couple of weeks ago my class (5ma) visited our Trinity buddies. I go to a girls school, up the road from my school there is a school called Trinity which is a boys school. Our schools get together once a term and we are pared up with a Buddie. This time we were put in groups of six three girls and three boys.

We are the group in the middle and at this particular time we were laughing about a fun worksheet we were doing.

At this particular time we were given a worksheet to find out about everyone in the class


  1. How would you like to have BOYS in your class all the time....Little Miss Pink ??? Yes or No....and the reasons why please!

  2. NO because i would have to put up with there silly jokes ALLLL the time

  3. Hello Little Miss Pink. I've been waiting for you to update your blog.
    You put up with your dad's jokes - and they're pretty silly most of the time!!! Maybe you could teach him some new ones. Maybe ask your buddy.

  4. hey Little Miss Pink I love your blog! My daughter Isobel is 11 and she is just starting a blog so I must get her to come and say hi too. ps pink is my fave colour, pink pink and more pink

  5. Hi Miss Pink! I liked reading your new post. I will make sure that Maddy and Big Al read it too. Big Al is off to an all-boy's school next year; I wonder if the girls in his class will be glad he won't be around telling silly jokes too!?

    Best wishes and have a great week at school,

  6. Thanks everyone for leaving a comment