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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Long Way Home

Oh hello there.
Can you believe that our flight was delayed 3 hours to Melbourne ... but let's talk about that later!
I had a fabuloss time on the Gold Coast. We stayed in a lovely hotel at Mermaid Beach and it had a very big pool. It was cold to swim in it though.
My Uncle Robbie and I had a fantastic time at the theme parks. My favourite was Wet and Wild because it had exciting waterslides and it was nice to get wet! My second favourite was Dreamworld because it had all dizzy rides and even though Uncle Robbie felt a bit giddy I had a great time. Last but not least, Sea World.
We were sad when we got to the airport (and a little bit happy because soon we would see our family), but we found out our flight was delayed by 3 hours !!! We didn't get back to Melbourne until 1 o'clock this morning. Uncle Robbie says he will never fly Jet Star again.
I had a lovely holiday.
Catch you later


  1. Hullo Miss Pink this is a message from Zoe. I am so glad you are back home again, so we can have fun times together. Did you like all the rides ? Nana says "hi " too. Love from us all xx

  2. Hi Zoe. Thank you for your comment. I was so surprised to get a comment so soon. Yes I did like all the rides except for the Tower of Terror at Dreamworld. The carriage only went up halfway. It wasn't fun and it wasn't worth the wait.
    See you soon